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Now taking orders for 2013 Queens , Nucs , and packages

Mott Bee Farms is  your Local authorized Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Dealer.

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  We are now taking orders for open mated Italian Queens for spring 2013.
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  Grafting Capped Queen Cells
Here at the bee farm, we raise our own queens and are part of the Born and Bred initiative aiming to produce Queens which are more locally adapted. Queen
We strive to improve the health of the NC honey bee population and meet needs for pollination in agriculture through improved Queen Breeding programs. Born And Bred NC
Providing an awesome queen is our #1 goal.

Choose from VSH stock,
Italian , Tested or Proven Queens,
as well as marking / clipping.
  Queens are raised from our NC breeder stock, where we monitor breeder queens, drone mothers, as well as potential breeder queens for production quality.
Queen Queen Queen Queen

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